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Do’s and Don’ts

Shoes and socks are to be off before entering any religious and sacred compound.
Some places in the religious and sacred compound are restricted to woman and lady from entering.
Clothing has to be in decent manner in pagodas.
Do not put Buddha statues or images on the floor or some inappropriate places.
Don’t touch sacred object with disrespect. Hold them in your right-hand, or with both hands.
Don’t offer food to a monk, nun, or a novice after noon time.
Women should not touch a monk.
Don’t offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.
Don’t touch the head of adult.
Don’t step over any part of a person, as it is considered rude.
Photographing for the strategic places (bridges, military stations, etc.) is tabooed.
Avoid being a nuisance when taking photographs.
Antique is not allowed to take out.
Don’t hug or kiss in public.
For hygiene reasons, eat only in decent restaurants. When not available, always eat heated food.
Don’t eat food purchased from street vendors.
Don’t drink tap water. Drink only bottled water and soft drinks that haven’t been opened yet
Let the oldest be served first.
To try good Myanmar food, go to decent restaurants in Yangon area, where they cook Myanmar food according to international standards.
Stay away from narcotic drugs.
Health insurance is not available.
When buying gems, sculptures, or any expensive souvenir, make sure it comes with an export permit.
Buy arts from authorized dealers only and get a certified receipt.
Don’t leave expensive items in your room. Use safety box.
Beware of cheats, swindlers, imposters.
Light cotton clothing is suitable for most of the time.
Entrance fee has to be paid at every historical/culturally significant place.
No credit cards are useful in Myanmar.
USD cash is the only currency widely accepted throughout the country. Euro is accepted as well.
Please be sure that you bring good enough cash for your personal expenses.
If you will be on a trekking trip, advise to bring all necessary equipment including trekking shoe.